Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YOU BETTER SIT DOWN at Sarah Lawrence

The creators of and performers in YOU BETTER SIT DOWN: Tales from my parents' divorce (Matthew Maher, Caitlin Miller, Jenny Morris, and Robbie Collier Sublett) were at Sarah Lawrence College for a presentation of the play this past weekend! Jenny Morris went up there two weeks ago to teach some classes wherein students conducted their own interviews with each other, friends, and parents about what a home is. They asked questions like:

What is the difference between a house and a home?

How do you feel about wall-to-wall carpeting?

If your house caught on fire, what objects would you try to rescue?

- and lots more. They made their own short play, which they performed as a second act to YOU BETTER SIT DOWN! Here's an excerpt from the students' presentation:

Rory enters, repeating his “First Thing I Do When I Get Home Gesture.” Then Jesse enters, does the same. Followed by Lydian, Followed by Tina, Followed by Calder. They keep repeating as the others speak.

Rory: Take off my shoes…I can’t really relax till I’ve taken off my shoes…I come in and I take everything off, really—I mean, my outer layers--and I go sit on the couch for a minute….

Jesse: I check to see if my family is home first. Because if they're home I can't relax. But if they're gone, then I can relax and just be myself. If my mom is home, I'm always afraid that she's mad at me about something. But if they're all gone then I can breathe.

Lydian: First thing I do when I get home? I go to the fridge. See what’s in the fridge. And then I feel ashamed.

Tina: Usually the first thing I do is take of my bra.  Then I take of my shoes, and socks. And then I take off my pants. I enjoy a pants-free lifestyle when no one is watching.

Congratulations to the students and YOU BETTER SIT DOWN's creators/performers on a great presentation of wonderful investigations!

And if you haven't seen the clips from YOU BETTER SIT DOWN, check them out on WNYC's Culture Page HERE!

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