Monday, January 31, 2011

The Adult Entertainment Industry and Online Technology - in connection with PRETTY FILTHY

New York Magazine's cover story HERE this week is about the adult entertainment industry and the internet - a topic also explored in PRETTY FILTHY! This article has a lot of info about how the business-side of the industry has developed online (see the diagram on page 2), and asks, how detrimental is free internet porn to the industry?

One of our interviewees for PRETTY FILTHY, Sunny Leone, was interviewed for the article:
'“Tubes are going to destroy our industry,” says Sunny Leone, 29, an Indian-American knockout who is celebrating eight nominations this evening. “Fans don’t understand that if they don’t pay for porn, we can’t make a living. They’ll have to watch crazy European porn.”'

Or maybe the internet hasn't been so detrimental?
"People who consume only free porn, [Feras Antoon, current CEO of The Brazzers] argues, are people who, in the past, would not have consumed any. The people who paid for porn then will still pay for it now. Plus the tube sites have so vastly enlarged the total universe of porn consumers that the number of those who pay has ballooned along with it. Ten years ago, total daily adult-site traffic averaged less than 1 million unique visitors—on the entire Internet; today Manwin’s tube sites alone get 42 million daily uniques."

Here is what one of our interviewees for PRETTY FILTHY said to us about this issue:
"I’m working... maybe twice a month and that’s a lot compared to what people are getting these days. There’s been a lot of girls that’s been “I’m going to retire...”  I think it comes from the fact that so much porn is free now.  You can go to “Red Tube” or “You Porn” or whatever you want to and there’s porn on demand.  Somebody sent me a little email, “This is my favorite clip of you” and I clicked on the link and it went directly into... [a] scene, no click on yes to enter if you’re over eighteen, no enter your credit card to make sure that you’re completely liable.  I’m sitting there, free link, full forty minute scene of me...  For free!  I’ve got kids and that is not something I want my child to be able to go click, “Oh, look at this, there’s Mommy.”  I’m very protective, I am."

For more about this, be sure not to miss our cabaret at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, A PRETTY FILTHY EVENING, this Saturday, Feb. 5. More info HERE!


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