Friday, February 4, 2011

Michael Friedman and Bess Wohl in The Spotlight for A PRETTY FILTHY EVENING

Composer and lyricist Michael Friedman and playwright Bess Wohl were interviewed for the Los Angeles Times Culture Monster blog about A Pretty Filthy Evening at the Kirk Douglas Theatre this weekend (which is already sold out). It's a fantastic piece:

What was your strangest interview?
Wohl: I went to the set of “Not the Bradys XXX.” That pretty much collapsed every fantasy of my childhood.

Michael, the world of adult entertainment seems wildly different from the emo-history of "Andrew Jackson."
Friedman: Actually musical theater is very similar to porn.  It’s a fantasy about attractive people who do cool things. It’s a place you go to learn what you like. Porn knows more than you do about what you want.

Break a leg to the AMAZING CAST this Saturday!

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