Friday, February 11, 2011


The three-weeks of protests in Egypt connected to the decades-old dictatorship of President Hosni Mubarak were finally successful today, ending with President Mubarak stepping down and passing authority to a "council of military leaders." (more info in the Times HERE).

Here are two interesting blog discussions of the current revolution in Egypt as compared to the 1871 uprising in Paris (explored in The Civilians' PARIS COMMUNE).

Cairo 2011, Paris 1871: The Uses and Misuses of History
Going Viral, Paris Commune-Style: Egypt Uses Old Tools to Spark New Revolution

Here's a quick excerpt from PARIS COMMUNE:
Citizens! Power shared is true freedom. It is time that fraternity replaces charity, and federation replaces hierarchy! If I were the only person saying all this, people could say that I was a pathological case.  But there are thousands of us now, millions, none of whom gives a damn about authority. You see? Do you see?! It’s a simple thing. Don’t beg for your place in the world, take it!

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