Monday, April 30, 2012


For all of you out there who have been watching Occupy Your Mind videos on Tumblr or seeing our shows at Joe's Pub, or most recently last week at Judson Memorial Church, and have been wondering how to get involved - this post is for you! (It's also for everyone else who wants to participate in an awesome grassroots, interactive, global performance project)

This week, the Occupy movement is launching into the American Spring with lots of planned events on May 1st (May Day). You can find out about May Day in New York City by clicking here or for those of you in one of the 125 other cities with planned May Day activities learn what's going on in your area here. If you have been itching to do an OYM piece, but haven't known where to find Occupiers - this is your chance!

Get involved by approaching some of the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of potential interviewees who will be out in the streets this week in cities across the country. Listen to their stories, occupy their minds, and share it with us! Approaching people at events may seem intimidating, so visit our website for tips from R and D coordinator Annah Feinberg on how to go about it. Our Street Team interviewers report that interviewing Occupiers at events is a great way to get involved with an action, and they often feel like it allows them to talk and connect to people at events who they might otherwise never encounter.

We can't wait to hear your stories, watch your videos and share them with the world!

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