Monday, April 16, 2012

Occupy Your Mind - The American Spring

A lot has been going on behind the scenes with the Occupy Movement the past couple of months, and more recently the same has been true of The Civilians' Occupy Your Mind project. After the Low Lives 4: Occupy! event in early March, the Street Team went back to work. We got a whole new round of interviews with people intimately involved with the movement. They continue to work on Occupy day in and day out, despite not having an overnight presence in Zuccotti Park.

If you missed the livestream of the Low Lives event in March, you can catch The Civilians' performances, along with all of the other Occupy themed performances from that event here.

Since then, artists and activists nationwide have been participating in the Occupy Your Mind project, that is recorded online on our Tumblr. Click here to check out some all new videos posted from an Occupy Your Mind event in New  Haven earlier this month.

As for the new interviews collected by the Street Team, The Civilians is hosting our own Occupy Your Mind event just in time for Occupy's big day of action May Day. On April 26th at 8 PM in the Judson Church Choir Loft, Civilian artists are teaming up with storytelling performers from Art Diaspora and Judson to present stories from the movement about what's going on right now. What is the American Spring? What are the stories behind major Occupy actions like the 99% bat signal? What challenges have the activists faced since being evicted from Zuccotti?

As the movement continues to go from "leaderless" to "leaderfull", The Civilians are on the ground, talking to the folks involved and recording the story in our unique way.

Want to get involved? Visit Occupy Your Mind on the Civilians website and do your own OYM performance!

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