Thursday, April 12, 2012


For the run of You Better Sit Down: Tales from My Parents' Divorce at The Flea Theater (our show in which four of our artists asked their parents about their parents' divorces, and play their parents in the verbatim conversations), we are asking a question every week, and your responses will inspire what we do in our post-show Salon Nights. The first post-show event is this Saturday, April 14. Last week's questions got some amazing responses  - see them HERE.

This week's question is:

Where were you when you told the kids about the split and what was their reaction? 

For those who aren't divorced, let us know where and how you told your close friends about a break-up!

This was a question that the artists in the show asked their parents. Here's a clip of the answers they got:

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  1. It's strange how hard it is to remember this kind of stuff. I vaguely remember telling my high school best friend that I had broken up with my high school boyfriend. She wasn't surprised, but it was the first time I had ever broken up with someone. I remember feeling just insanely awkward in the conversation because she ended up telling me all about which friends I could still hang out with and which ones he was "getting" in the split, and I felt weirdly powerless for having just been the person to break up with someone (as opposed to being broken up with). Almost ten years later, we're all friends again (though I wasn't invited to the ex's wedding)!