Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let Me Ascertain You: Death

We're so happy to announce that our next cabaret at Joe's Pub is on May 18 - Let Me Ascertain You: Death. Our artists entered some surprising and dark territory and have come back to share their enlightening tales of death, murder, grief, and insights into forensic anthropology. Sound fun? They promise it will be. Hear stories from the Body Farm in Knoxville Tennessee, a facility for study of the decomposition of human bodies and research site for criminal investigations. We're investigating the thought-provoking, unexpected and at times humorous personal stories of encounters with death. And we want to hear from you, too!

Have you had an unusual encounter with the industry of death? 

Tell us your story in the comments, or send an email to liaison@thecivilians.org. Or do you know someone who has had a surprising death-related experience? - perhaps someone who works with death in some capacity, like a funeral home director or mortician? Send us their contact info and we'll get in touch with them for an interview!

And get your tickets for the performance HERE!


  1. Favorite song about death:
    Johnny Cash's cover of Nick Cave's tune The Mercy Seat

  2. My Death (Jacques Brel) and Der Erlkönig (Schubert, D. 328)