Thursday, May 10, 2012

What is your favorite death scene in a movie?

We've been conducting a lot of different interviews for our upcoming cabaret at Joe's Pub focusing on unusual and unexpected stories about death and the death industry. Our artists have talked to a funeral director, a Yogi, morticians, doctors, and more to examine what can be tangible about this other-worldly topic. While we're working, we want to hear from you!

 What is your favorite death scene in a movie or play? 

Leave us a comment or link to a scene; we've got some of our favorites below!


(Spoiler alert)


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    Definitely one of my favorites! It was the first time I ever cried in a film and the first movie musical I ever loved. One of the reasons I pursue musical theatre.

  2. Absolutely. This is an incredible scene. And way to get the movie AND play in there - excellent call!