Friday, November 9, 2012

Pretty Filthy: A Concert Performance at Joe's Pub

We're so excited for our concert performance of Pretty Filthy on Monday! We've been working on this show since 2009, when our artists first went out to the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles (sometimes referred to as "Porn Valley") and to the AVN Awards in Las Vegas (sometimes referred to as "The Oscars of Porn"). This presentation on Monday is of the fictional story written by Bess Wohl with music and lyrics by Michael Friedman. Keep in mind that the project is still in development, so the performers will be on-book, no sets, no costumes (well, they'll be wearing clothes! just not designed by a costume designer). The story is inspired by all the interviews that our artists were doing. Want to hear them? We've got recordings of performances of some of the verbatim material available on our podcast! Check out the PRETTY FILTHY EPISODES to take a listen! (And be sure to subscribe, rate, and review us!)

One thing that we've been thinking about is Porn Parodies. Our artists were on set to observe the filming of Star Trek XXX directed by Axel Braun (with the subtitle May the Farce be with You), and porn parodies are also a presence in the show.

We want to know: What do you think the next porn parody should be, and what should it be called? Here are a few to get you started: The XXXorcist, Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare... you get the idea. We know that there are already tons of parodies out there, so don't worry if it's already been done.

And get your tickets to PRETTY FILTHY at Joe's Pub HERE!

Star Trek XXX

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  1. An obvious one I suppose would be TITanic, right? And I don't have a clever pun for this one, but an Odyssey porn parody could have a lot of possibilities! Hah!