Friday, November 30, 2012

Monthly Media Roundup November, 2012

We know that November is the month of the Scorpio, but here at The Civilians, it's been a little bit of a Gemini month! We had the first public concert showing of Pretty Filthy at Joe's Pub; meanwhile, our Associate Artist Marsha Stephanie Blake has been hard at work with students at Brooklyn High School of the Arts on their new play (which has performances next Monday and Tuesday)! Plus, we actually had two different projects on television, one about Paris Commune and our environmental music videos were on 24 Hours of Reality on PBS featuring Al Gore! Anyway, lots going on this month; here's our media roundup for November:

Featured Associate Artist: Bess Wohl, playwright of Pretty Filthy
Updates from the Brooklyn High School of the Arts: The students are getting ready for their performances of the brand-new play they created, Why We Vote next Monday and Tuesday!
Meet the R&D: A post from our R&D Coordinator, EllaRose Chary about this year's R&D Group participants and projects
Porn Parodies: Updates about Pretty Filthy
Why do you vote? Intro to our Brooklyn High School of the Arts Investigative Theater Education Program

Bogotá Prison Pageant, Part I: Interviews from our investigation in the national women's prison in Bogotá, Colombia, where they host an annual beauty pageant for the incarcerated.
Death, Part III: Another story from Bogotá about a woman who had a near-death experience, plus Michael Friedman's song "Stars" from Gone Missing

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Paris Commune on TV: Here's an awesome feature about Paris Commune that was made for a CUNY TV show sponsored by the French Embassy! It's got interviews with Steve, Michael, and the performers, plus footage from the show!

The Great Immensity Blog
Feeling the Heat of Climate Change: about the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, happening right now!
Hurricane Sandy: exploring the conversations about climate change and the environmental crisis sparked by Sandy (plus ways to get involved in relief efforts)

Our super hottt cast for Pretty Filthy at Joe's Pub

Pretty Filthy at Joe's Pub

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