Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So, first of all, all y'all need to vote for The Civilians on Forbes.com as a "name you need to know in 2011." Because it IS a name that everyone will need to know in 2011. Both as a non-profit business and as a group supporting, developing, commissioning, presenting some of the most exciting and interesting theater in the country! So keep democracy alive, support the company, vote HERE. Or share on Facebook, or Tweet about it. Just make some noise, and the powers that be will listen.

The author, Larry Reibstein, brought up an interesting question in the comments section. In the movie version of In the Footprint (first Neighborhood Night tonight! $20 tickets using the code "Neighborhood" HERE or at the box office for Brooklyn residents and workers), who should the cast be? (That is, assuming that our AMAZING cast for In the Footprint all have scheduling conflicts... )

We all know Marty Markowitz would like to be played by George Clooney.

Here are some thoughts. Leave yours in the comments!
Marty Markowtiz: Brian Dennehy? Ned Beatty?
Bruce Ratner: Tom Hanks? Robert Deniro? John Doman?
Bertha Lewis: Loretta Devine?
Patti Hagan: Sissy Spacek, maybe?

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