Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Civilians at CUNY

As part of our Investigative Theatre Education Program, The Civilians is Artists-in-Residence at CUNY this yearOur first leg of the residency kicked off at CUNY Kingsborough this past month, where Associate Artist Alison Weller taught a class of 16 students The Civilians' methodology. The class culminated with a student-created performance from interviews they conducted in their community based around the theme of What is Brooklyn to you? Read below for excerpts from the students' interviews!

Associate Artist Alison Weller & Dir. of Artistic Programs Ian Daniel
with CUNY Kingsborough students in the Dept. of Communications & Performing Arts

"I always say to myself if Jay-Z wasn't from here he wouldn't be who he is. He probably would still be great, but he wouldn't have that swagger like he does. It's pride really." 

"Brooklyn will always feel like home, there's something about driving over the Verrazano or coming into Kennedy Airport and having that sigh of relief. I'm home."

"I know I should have just gave him my phone, but I got really mad that he was trying to rob me so I just quickly kneed him really hard and ran away!"

"I can go on and on about the things Brooklyn has taught me. Brooklyn raised my kids. Brooklyn taught me how to be a lady and how not to be a lady. Brooklyn taught me how to fight."

We will be teaching at two other CUNY schools this year so stay tuned for updates from our Residency! 

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