Thursday, April 10, 2014

We Want Your Stories!

Hi Friends of The Civilians,

Our “Let Me Ascertain You” series returns to Joe’s Pub on Saturday, May 17th at 7pm. We’re hoping you can help us with our next installment: “F*cking and Dying.”

If you didn’t notice, we’re a bit obsessed with sex and death at The Civilians and this cabaret explores what happens when those fixations collide. We will look at the duality of human nature and our competing sex and death drives - our instinct for life, love and reproduction against our instinct toward death, aggression, and repulsion...and we need your stories!

If any of you or anyone you know might have good stories about sex or death or tales where the two collide -- please send details our way!

We’re looking to hear stories about…
- Wild coming-of-age sex stories or sexual explorations
- Sex addiction or Nyphomania
- Auto-erotic fetishes
- Dominatrix work
- “Terror sex” following disaster or trauma
- Sexual encounters near or connected to dying, funerals
...or of course necrophilia 

Please send us a brief summary of your story or shoot any questions you might have to and if we think your story might work for us, we’ll be in touch about setting up an interview. Any and all leads are helpful. We’re looking forward to hearing your stories. For more information click here
The Civilians
Photo Credit: Antoine D'Agata 

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