Thursday, June 6, 2013

INSIDE LOOK: "Be The Death of Me" Investigation: Psychic Medium

Our R&D Group Coordinator, EllaRose Chary, interviewed Therese Relucio, a New York based Certified Psychic Medium (Intuitive Consultant).  Learn more about Therese's work HERE, and also be sure to check out her development group HERE.  
This interview is part of our broad investigation into death, dying, and the afterlife in NY for an installation performance "Be The Death of Me" on June 28th and 29th at the Irondale in Ft. Greene Brooklyn. Details HERE!

Therese Relucio
Check out some excerpts of Therese's interview below:

I remember seeing my first spirit when I was three years old. I was actually born in the Philippines, but I remember seeing it - I was still in the Philippines at the time and I remember seeing a male spirit outside of my window on my second floor so I know that it was definitely a spirit. And I pointed it out and I remember nobody else being able to see the same spirit, so from then, from that first memory, I remember seeing a lot of other spirits coming through. 

I was not scared until probably about 9 or 10 when I started seeing, um, a spirit that was laying in bed with me, a male spirit that was laying in bed with me, smiling at me all the time and I would see him for probably a year, two years straight no matter what house I lived in. Um, yeah, and it was scary only because he was smiling at me and not saying anything. It was a little bit creepy, but um, as it turns out, as I got older, I realized that that was my spirit guide.

Yeah, so a spirit guide, I say spirit because you know, uh, depending on what you want to call it—you could call it ghost if you want—but a spirit is just basically a soul that is not in, that is discarded, meaning not in—not in a physical body.  So they're not human, they're not in a physical form. But a spirit guide, you can relate it to something, some people say a guardian angel, you know, someone that is there to protect you to guide you. That's what a spirit guide is. They guide you towards your direction, towards your life's purpose.

I mean really I've always believed that we're on earth to learn things. So earth is like a boarding school for our souls. When we die and when we pass, we're just going back to where we came from. That's it. There’s nothing unnatural about it, it's just a euphoric process and we go back to where we came from. 

Thanks so much to Therese and Ella for sharing. 

To read other excerpts from our investigation for "Be The Death of Me" go HERE


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