Thursday, October 4, 2012

Featured Associate Artist: Marsha Stephanie Blake

Meet our October Featured Associate Artist, Marsha Stephanie Blake! She is working with us this month teaching a course about investigative theater at the Brooklyn High School for the Arts. The kids are conducting interviews around Brooklyn asking, Why do you vote? Marsha Stephanie has also performed with us in a few different projects... read on to hear from her!

Name: Marsha Stephanie Blake
Year Joined The Civilians: 2006/2007ish
Where you’re from: Clarendon, Jamaica
What City You’re Living In: Brooklyn, New York

How did you first get involved with The Civilians?
Coleman Domingo, an actor who has now faded off into obscurity and meaninglessness (just kidding, he's an award-winning superstar) had to drop out of The "Evangelical Project" which later became "This Beautiful City." I happened to already be in Colorado when they called in desperation for someone to go help interview people in Colorado Springs. So it was kismet.

What have you done with us, both in terms of investigating and performing?
"This Beautiful City" and the investigation and first version of what would later become "In The Footprint"

Tell us about something that surprised you, either in an interview, in using the investigative method, or in a rehearsal process.
I was accused of being a lesbian and also of coercing some teenagers into giving interviews. Neither was true. But it was surprising.

Why has it been interesting to work in this way?
It is always interesting to hear people's stories, no matter where they come from or what they believe. I love that people trust me with their lives and I'm honored to represent each and every one of them onstage.

What is the last project you worked on outside of The Civilians?
"Bullet for Adolf," a comedy co-written and directed by Woody Harrelson. Talk about interesting.

What artist has had the biggest impact on you?

What’s the last play you saw?
"Triassic Park," a musical about dinosaurs. Excellent entertainment.

What’s your favorite bad movie?
"The New Guy."

Do you like sports? (… which ones/what team?)
I like dominoes. Whatever team I'm on.

Question from Last Month’s Featured Associate Artist, Aysan Celik: What book do you re-read?
Angela's Ashes.

What question would you like us to ask our next Featured Associate Artist?
How many times has Michael Friedman made you cry in rehearsal?

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