Monday, March 26, 2012

Curate An Occupy Your Mind Event!

Over the past 6 months, The Civilians' Artists and Street Team have been out collecting interviews with people in the Occupy movement. In January, we launched the Occupy Your Mind project and invited activists and artists nationwide to get involved with interviewing and performing. Both of these projects are ongoing and The Civilians and friends have presented some of this material in different venues and formats over the course of the last few months. You can watch video of those performances on our Tumblr

But what about all the other material? We have audio and transcripts from over 100 interviews, which means that over half of the interviews we've done have yet to see the light of day. So! We're introducing our

(you can download it by clicking the above link!)

We've created this resource so that YOU can get involved and easily curate an Occupy Your Mind performance from existing material (as well as, we hope, material you collect on your own). Right now, we've got everything that's been posted on Tumblr (and then some) organized in an easy to sort Excel sheet, and as the weeks go on we'll be constantly updating with new material. Some of this material is in the form of transcripts we've already edited, and some of it is in the form of  unedited transcripts that you can use to craft an all new OYM piece for yourself and your friends/collaborators. 

We hope that access to this material will encourage you to think outside the box and create your own Occupy Your Mind performance. The idea is that anyone, anywhere can take this material and use it creatively. You can present it at a rally or protest, stage a series of performances at your local Occupy encampment, make street theater, or put together your own Occupy Your Mind event!

What kind of stuff is in the database?

Check out this already edited, never done before interview with a 9/11 Truther, who says: 

"We can repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It’s unconstitutional. We never had income tax before that, we don’t need income tax. Uh, they cause inflation, it’s an invisible tax on us. We could repeal all of this. We can end fractional reserve banking which, if you look in the Federal Reserve guidelines on money creation, says that banks can lend out ten times as much money as they have on reserve. It’s legalized counterfeiting. This is how the banks own over 90% of the wealth in America. That makes all of us poorer. We have to work all our lives. They make the wealth off of us. We get just enough to live off. That is slavery."

OR some of the great material in the UNEDITED version of the interview with the Actress, a great story about meeting an infiltrating cop that got left out for time reasons:

"I - I ran into one I believe. In the kitchen, yeah.  And I- I- I could not figure out - she was so friendly, and so shiny, and I was like, (laughing) this just doesn't seem like the people who hang out here!  You know? Because I would go to the kitchen and I would wear ... clothes that ... I normally would only wear around the house, or not even there, because, you know, you get really dirty and stuff.  She had on, like, a little necklace, and I was like hmmmm, and it seemed like everything she said ... Well she- she started out saying, um, you know ‘I have heard that the sanitation or the the sanitation work crew here is gonna strike.’ I just started laughing. And I said ‘What?!’"

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