Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Week in OCCUPY: Concrete Ideas and Occupy Your Mind

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Let Me Ascertain You: Occupy Wall Street, Part II last Friday at Joe's Pub! We had another great round of performances by The Civilians associate artists and friends of touching and informative material collected from over 100 interviews by The Civilians Occupy "Street Team". If you missed the show (and the live stream) you can still watch it here. And, keep an eye on the podcast series for when this material comes out there.

Inspired by one of our interviewees Carey (performed by Greta Lee), we asked audience members at Joe's Pub to share their Concrete Ideas. Carey was frustrated by the criticism that the Occupy movement lacked "concrete ideas", so she brought a sign down to Zuccotti Park asking people to tweet at @OccupyIdeas #concreteideas, and they did! We also got a lot of great responses at the cabaret. Some of the more popular responses were tax the rich, tax breaks for low income people, and campaign finance reform. Our three favorites were:

1) Forgive the interest on my student loans! I'll be paying until I'm 80 at this rate.
2) Blow up Gitmo! (Evacuate first)
3) Sponsor/Fund Think tanks for youth - they have great ideas for the future!

We're going to be tweeting these concrete ideas and all of the ones suggested at the cabaret over the course of the next two weeks with the hash tag #concreteideas. Follow us on twitter, @Civilians, and tweet your concrete ideas at us!

One of the most exciting parts of the cabaret was the launching of the next phase of The Civilians' Occupy Project - Occupy Your Mind! OYM is a global, interactive project that allows everyone to participate in The Civilians unique approach to documenting this historic movement. Visit our website here for simple instructions on how to get involved, or to check out what other people are doing.

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