Friday, August 12, 2011

GONE MISSING at Barrow Street on 8/08!

We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who came out to the Barrow Street Theatre last Monday for the concert version of GONE MISSING! It was such a treat sharing the show with members of the original audiences as well as introducing it to some fresh new faces. Everyone had a blast, but we all seemed hyperconscious of forgetting something upon exiting the theatre…  Keys? Check! Rings? Check! Phone? Check! The nostalgic event brought back many great memories (though as we learned from the show- the word nostalgia comes from the Greek roots “algia” meaning pain and “nostos” meaning homecoming).  I found myself reflecting on things that I have lost in my own life along the way. The investigation might be completed for now, but we still want to hear from you- Do you sometimes feel like your mind is an etch sketch? Is your apartment the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle? Share your own stories of lost and found in a comment below!

And here are some photos from rehearsal for you to enjoy!

 L-R: Emily Ackerman, Colleen Werthmann, Brian Sgambati, Stephen Punkett, 
Lexy Fridell, and Matt Dellapina

 Down in front! Just kidding, that's Steve.

And this one is from the production at Barrow Street in 2007!

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  1. This summer I have been obsessed with going to used books stores and hunting for bargains. One of my favorite finds was a book of Neruda poems. All the poems were just a few lines long, so I would bring it to my waitressing job and sneak a poem or two in between customers. This book was magical. I would bring it on the subway or to a bar, and everyone would always flock to me to ask me what I was reading. Then the worst happened- I loaned it to a co-worker and she lost it! I spent the next day following her tracks, making a timeline of where she went. I even crashed a private party at a bar she frequents to search for it. No luck, no book. I had accepted that the book was lost forever. Weeks went by. Then, yesterday, my boyfriend came over with a present for me. The exact edition of the book! He didn’t even know that I had lost it. I was so happy. He was surprised at how much I loved the gift, but it was like magic, as if the lost thing had just fallen from the sky.