Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Atlantic Yards Timetable - IN THE FOOTPRINT

Here are some thoughts about the proposed timetable for the construction and other goals connected to the Atlantic Yards project.

"If you're an elected official who said, 'I support this project because it's going to bring jobs. It's going to bring housing. It's going to create a platform over the rail yards and connect neighborhoods. It's going to create 8 acres of open space. It's going to do all this in 10 years and it's going to bring economic vitality to the downtown area of Brooklyn,' you don't want somebody watching to say, 'Wait is this being achieved?' Because a lot of those things are not going to be achieved, at least not on the timetable they promised."

- Excerpt from interview with Brooklyn resident and advocate, September 2010

The attorney arguing against eminent domain made the same argument in court. Read more about the courtroom proceedings in the Atlantic Yards Report HERE.

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